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July/August, 2022  

July/August Newsletter

If Not Now, When?

Catapulting Your Career Dreams

Kay Fittes, August, 2022

In 1996 my speaking colleague, Lori Kleiner Eckert, published the book, With This Ring.  Excerpted from the forward of her book: “Upon her grandmother’s death, Lorie inherited her grandfather’s ring.  Recently separated herself, she slipped her grandfather’s ring on and slipped off her own wedding band.  Feeling that some sort of vows were appropriate, she decided to make vows to herself – to become a quilt lecturer and teacher, to trust her inner voice, and to love herself.” This is the dream Lorie pursued.   [Read More]

Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

Kicking Your Dream Into High Gear

  1. Dream Journaling.  You likely have some career dream ideas already, but have you really unleashed those dreams?  A great starting place is a career dream journal.  Whether it is on your phone, on your laptop, or a pretty paper journal you keep on your nightstand, it’s a place to capture your random thoughts.  You don’t have to have it organized in any way.  Answering some questions about your dream workplace can be beneficial.  What does your dream workday look like?  What is your dream workplace culture?  Would you be consistently working with a team, a combo, or mostly solitary? What is your dream salary?  Another kick start could be taking the Clifton Strengths assessment:

    Clarifying your strengths and talents for a workplace role can send you dreaming.

  2. Detecting.  The beginning of your career dream dive, detecting, can prevent many setbacks.  Detecting is all about find getting information from others.  This is a great time for informational interviewing, either within your current organization or in another company or totally different field.  I am so glad I did this detecting before I started my business.  People that I interviewed were candid about the pros and cons and quite eager to help.

  3. Dividing.  Divide your action plan into action steps.  There is a good chance you still will be in your current position, plus all your other responsibilities.  So many women come to me frustrated because they can’t find the time to do any of these steps.  Consistently, we divide.  We divide all of these steps into the tiniest action step possible.  Most people overestimate what they can fit into an already busy day.  If it is only ten minutes, once a week, that’s o.k.  It accumulates.  Better to think tiny and succeed slowly, than to think big, be overwhelmed and never get anywhere.

Are you just plain scared or uncertain about your next career step?  Dreams have a way of dying locked up in your head.  I am delighted to offer you a complimentary 45-minute consultation to discuss your dreams.  Call (513) 561-4288 or email me at and we will unlock those dreams.


Hi Kay,


I hope this email finds you well!  I’m reaching out with a special piece of news regarding 4C for Children’s 50th Anniversary Gala coming up on October 8th.  As I’m sure you’ve seen, we are celebrating our 50 year history by reflecting upon key moments that have made this mission what it is today.  As part of this effort we’ve shared that we will be honoring 50 individuals and organizations that have played key roles in our history – and we would love to honor you!

Without you, 4C for Children would not have had the strong leadership training that has led to the success of so many child care administrators being able to achieve and maintain highly rated Step Up To Quality programs.  You were a driving force behind our very first leadership series as well as our Leadership Conference and the building of our Developing Early Childhood Leaders (DECL) program.  I know personally, I would not be the leader that I am today if it wasn’t for your coaching, support and wonderful leadership training that you provided.

Kim Ginn

Kim Ginn
Vice President, Program Operations
2100 Sherman Ave., #300 | Cincinnati, OH 45212 | 513-758-1220

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Dress for Success

High-Heeled Success® supports Dress for Success through donations of clothing, time and money.  We offer complimentary seats at every workshop for women participating in the Dress for Success program.


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