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November/December, 2021  

November/December Newsletter

Break The Rules

Reaping the Benefits of Rewards

Kay Fittes, December, 2021

When you read the word “reward,” I am betting your mind immediately went to you rewarding employees, or rewards you might receive from your employer, or rewards you might give to a client for a referral.  Did rewarding yourself jump into your brain?  The perspective of rewarding yourself may be foreign to you.  Maybe you grew up in a family that espoused making your bed, doing the dishes, or taking out the trash were chores you should either want to do or do because you were a member of the family.  Being rewarded for doing these things was not something your family valued.   [Read More]

Kay’s Consulting Corner

Kay Fittes

Each month in this section, Kay offers actionable career consulting tips.

Reward NOW!

  1. Create your reward inventory.  What do you love?  What has meaning to you?  What would feel like a fantastic reward?  Your rewards need to have allure for you.  That reward is part of what will motivate you to tackle something you have been putting off or that you just don’t seem to get around to.  It can be large or small, have a high price tag or free, take a great deal of time or be lickety-split.  Begin to brainstorm, cull nothing.  Your first shot at your inventory can have them all bunched together.  This is just a quick capture session.  Sometimes when I am working on this article, I get bogged down or stuck.  My reward for finishing the next paragraph may be a cup of coffee.  May not seem like much of a reward to you but I LOVE coffee!  It truly is a reward for me.  For you a reward might be time to read a book, time to take a walk, time to have a chat with someone you enjoy.  Remember rewards do not have to cost money.

  2. Create your reward system.  Will you use hash marks, stars, emojis, pennies in a jar?  You will need some kind symbol to keep track of your behavior.  When will you assess?  Do you need to assess every day?  Will once a week work for you?  Be honest!  If you reward yourself without really changing your behavior, you are sabotaging yourself.  Don’t expect perfection!  Keep your expectations realistic.  Don’t set yourself up for failure by expecting miracles from day one.  Baby steps, baby!  What do you earn for what behaviors?  An equivalent system is necessary.

  3. Create your analysis.  This entire process is about understanding yourself and developing habits that will outlast any reward.  A component of your analysis will be identifying what derails you.  Are you thrown off by a time of day?  I DO NOT expect myself to do highly creative work at 4:00 in the afternoon.  My creative time is early in the day.  My preference would be to get up at 5:00 AM versus trying to force my creativity late in the afternoon.  Are there certain people that throw you off track?  Is one conversation with your brother enough to sabotage the entire day’s plan?  Have you developed a bag full of excuses and rationalizations?  Is your go to phrase “I don’t feel like it!”  Chances are if you are waiting for the inspiration to hit you, you might be waiting a long time.  That’s exactly why I recommend rewards, to get you past the “I don’t feel like it” moments.  Once all these components are clear, determine when you will start.  Be honest with yourself.  Use a form of accountability.  That a part of what having a coach is all about, accountability.

Will starting with a coach for accountability be just the beginning for you?  Is your list long in how you are struggling at work?  You aren’t the first person to come to me feeling hopeless.  Let’s determine if my type and style of coaching could get you moving in the right direction.  Let’s set a time for a complimentary 45-minute telephone consultation.  Call the office at (513) 561-4288 or email me at

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Client Testimonial – Jan Frasier

Jan Frasier

I attended a Women in Business keynote that Kay Fittes presented in Versailles, Kentucky.  I was a volunteer for one of the activities she conducted at the event.  My prize was a 45-minute consultation with her.  She really “hit” me and “got” me in those 45 minutes.  I will always remember that conversation.  I became aware that I had always been a caretaker, never caring for myself.  That was impacting every aspect of my life, including my business.  It was a very vulnerable time in my life.

Figuring out my strengths with Kay has been a game-changing experience.  Learning to concentrate on me has allowed me to become more centered, grounded, and focused.  For the first time, I am clear on my career purpose.  I realize now I like me, I like who I am!

My business is growing, due to my enhancing my time management and focus.  I was hesitant to set boundaries and delegate to my office manager.  I allowed interruptions and my days were chaotic.  Once I decided to take Kay’s advice and tell her I needed her help in keeping me on task, she was actually excited to do that.  She helps me pay attention to my calendar and schedule.  Plus, she is now delegating responsibilities to my other employee.  This allows me to do what only I can do in the business, which are revenue producing actions and guarantee that the office is always covered.  My appreciation emerged as a bonus for her.  She was reluctant to take it at first, but I spelled out how crucial she was to the business, and she finally agreed.  That is bound to further cement our employer/employee relationship.  The ultimate benefit of my changed behaviors will be expanding the business and finally seeing the goal.  The agency will now reach the two-million-dollar mark.

If I were in a conversation with another woman whose career wasn’t going the way she wanted, I would say “Go for coaching 200%!”  I really like where I am in all aspects of my life right now and I think it’s because Kay Fittes “keeps me in line”!  Every two weeks we have a session and there is accountability there.  Prior to our coaching my goals had dried up and that is not like me.  Kay has an approach of calling a client out in a gentle and positive manner.  I knew I needed Kay; she came into my life at a perfect time.  She was a godsend!

Jan Frasier – Shelter Insurance · Insurance Broker
149 N Main Street Versailles, KY 40383
(859) 873-4813

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