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Amy McPike

Amy McPike

I met Kay Fittes at just the right time.  It was at the January BizWomen Cabinet where she was speaking about how to make a scintillating presentation.  Then she did a day long Saturday workshop and I went to that.  Kay has so many good simple tips for improving even a short presentation.  If everyone followed them, we’d all be much better informed.  I’ve met loads of consultants and coaches throughout my career, but there was something about Kay – I just knew we would click.

I have been a financial professional for . . . ever, but several years ago I veered off into other financial areas.  I returned to my roots a few years ago to work with people on protecting their assets, and how to spend money in retirement.  Translation – I was starting over in developing a client base.  Technology and people’s preferred method of communication are changing rapidly.  Although I knew what to do, there was a little disconnect in getting it done smoothly.  I knew I needed some coaching, but not from my male dominated company.  I needed the help of an experienced woman who has seen it all.  And Kay has.  She is well trained formally, but she coaches also from her own mistakes and successes.  She shares freely and openly to help her clients be the best they can be.

I wasn’t sure that spending an hour on the phone would be as effective as meeting in person, but it’s actually better.  It’s efficient time wise, but it also helps me to focus on the point being discussed rather than the person I’m talking with.

Kay has re-awakened and sharpened my skills in seeing through delays in the sales process and why people do what they do.  (These skills are important not just for sales and consulting, but also for management and leadership).  She has helped to get to the heart of the matter to be more effective with my clients.  And more importantly, she has helped me understand more about what’s behind my own actions (or inactions) so I can start new good habits and get rid of the bad ones.

A lot of us think that we don’t have time for coaching, or don’t want to spend the money or that we can just read a book to get what we need or figure out it for ourselves – and I’ve done all of that – but I must say that my decision to work with Kay was the best one I’ve made this year.

Amy McPike, CLU
Financial Representative
The Bridge Financial Group