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High-Heeled Success® Client Experience

When women want to maximize their career, often the next step is a coach.  How do you know if someone is right for you?  You ask other women!
See what some of Kay’s coaching clients have to say about their experience.

(Latest addition is highlighted below)

Cindy Albrecht Allyson Blythe Tiffanie Demasters Lisa Desatnik
Becky Evemy Ashley Aya Ferguson Tammi Ector Fisse Wanda Ganjehsani
Nancy Hagan Lois Hamill Karen Isaacs Tasha Johnson
Janet Kassalen Nicole Keating Karen Kirkendol Heather Lambert
Karralea List Christine Luken Billien McCowan Amy McPike
Chandra Miller Leslie Mitchell Wing Monge Shirl Page
Ann Pickens Rachel Reeder Pam Rettig Christine R. Ross
Kelly Sakalas  Sue Schindler Janie Smith Toye Thomas
Nancy Van Buskirk Olive Wagar Shelly Whitehead