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Nicole Keating

Nicole Keating

Kay made a big splash in my world when I attended her public speaking engagement on Powerful Presentations.  Speaking engagements and presentations are essential success builders in Financial Services, so I was eager to refresh my skills and, well…learn more about Kay’s obviously successful approach.  Navigating today’s competitive marketing conditions is a perpetual challenge, so I made my reservation and took a colleague with me.

A hundred or so business women settled in around the yummy breakfast buffet, and the room came alive with shop talk and get-to-know-you conversations.  Kay was introduced, and the rest you’ll just have to see for yourself!  Her dynamic, contagious style combined with a wealth of proven, original strategies kept us entertained and inspired throughout the day.

I hired Kay as a Career Coach almost immediately.  After my 20 years of Fortune 500 Company sales training, I was slightly jaded and thought I had seen just about everything.  But Kay is in a class of her own.  Unique, engaging and effective.  Her coaching has been invaluable to my current challenge of rebuilding the Financial Services Practice I had to shut down four years ago.

If you’re in need of a career strategy review, tune-up, or trouble-shooting coach, you owe it to yourself to give Kay a call.  Her flexibility in tailoring a coaching package to fit your needs is quite rare today.  Better yet, attend her upcoming September workshop, I hope to see you there!

Nicole D. Keating
Senior Benefits Analyst
First Group America Global Transit