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Virtual Group Coaching

“The High-Heeled Success® Visibility for Advancement Solution:  The Coaching Group for Women Who Work Too Hard and Don’t Get What They Deserve”

Why is it that individuals who don’t work nearly as hard as you and don’t know their “stuff” as well as you, are getting ahead more quickly than you?  Maybe they have learned skills and techniques that could work for you.  Perhaps they are more effective at being in the limelight, self-promotion, and crafting their own reputation.

Woman in office

It’s not your fault, perhaps no one has even shown you what to do and how to do it without being pushy or obnoxious, UNTIL NOW!  What if you could take six weeks to change the trajectory of your career in a group coaching totally dedicated to getting you both comfortable and effective as your own PR person?  What if you never had to leave your office?  What if this career-changing process could happen at your lunch time?  No, it’s not impossible.

Not only is this group a fraction of the time that my clients usually invest, it is also a fraction of the cost.  Plus, you get the benefits of a group situation like at my live events.  Ready?

“The High-Heeled Success® Visibility for Advancement Solution:  The Coaching Group for Women Who Work Too Hard and Don’t Get What They Deserve”

Sessions are via Free Conference Call; all sessions are recorded so you never miss anything and you can listen repeatedly.

Each session has:

Session I

Session II

Session III

Session IV

Session V

Session VI

Bonus:  You get your own private coaching call.
Bonus:  You get a mid-week tip/boost to keep you motivated.
Bonus:  You get a closed Facebook Group to communicate with and support one another.
Bonus:  You get a scheduled call in day, with 15 minute blocks to ask me anything.


This group coaching program is being offered for more women to access High-Heeled Success®.  The regular investment for Individual Coaching is $2,500, this program is being offered for $800 and there is a two-payment option (total $820) if needed.

If You Are Interested:

Note, there is no Group Coaching scheduled at this time.  However, if you are interested, please call Kay Fittes at (513) 561-4288 or connect with her via email at

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What would it be like to have Kay as your coach?

“Kay isn’t just a coach, she’s also a friend and a cheerleader.  She will give you encouragement blended with a loving kick-in-the-pants when necessary.  Kay’s feedback and suggestions are right on target.”

-- Christine Luken
Your Financial Lifeguard

“When I chose to work with Kay, I chose to invest in myself.  I made a good decision.  If you are reading this, I would encourage you to consider whether you are worth investing in.  I suspect the answer is yes.  If it is, then it would be worth your time to speak with Kay about how she might help you work towards your goals.”

-- Lois Hamill
University Archivist and Associate Professor Northern Kentucky University

“I would say if you are considering coaching, take the plunge sooner than later.  Kay offers a wealth of knowledge and experience that’s invaluable.  She is so passionate about what she does and recognizes talent in others.  She takes the time to help women build resiliency and bring out their best.  It’s refreshing to find someone of Kay’s caliber who always follows through on her promises, is honest in a professional manner and plain fun to work with.”

-- Sue Schindler
Butler County

“Little did I know that on that fateful day in which I decided to send a short coaching inquiry to Kay that my life would be changed in the way that it has.  Kay has been much more than a traditional coach.  She has been a role model.  Her willingness to share her own personal experiences is something I’ll never forget because she showed me that I wasn’t alone and that she was right there with me throughout the challenges, the doubts and the overwhelming desire to do something incredible.  Thank you, Kay, for sharing your gifts and talents with me.  I’ll always be grateful for this experience.”

-- Toye Thomas
Relevé Consulting Services