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Kay Fittes is a “voice” for women in overcoming disadvantages to their workplace success.  Ms. Fittes is a frequent contributor in print, radio, podcasts and television.

Kay is available for interviews in all media.  Call (513) 561-4288 or email her at

Check out what she has to say in the following video interviews, audio interviews, and articles.

Video Interviews Audio Interviews Articles

Video Interviews

Kristi Frank’s interview with Kay!

Kristi Frank, from Season #1 of NBC’s “The Apprentice’, is well known for helping entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses.

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Kristi has been featured on Oprah, MSNBC, The Today Show and The View.

She is currently following her entrepreneurial spirit through venture capital investing and other business endeavors.

Kristi Frank - As Seen on TV


Jessica Brown’s interview with Kay!

Kay was interviewed by Jessica Brown of FOX 19, WXIX in Cincinnati, about a public workshop that Kay conducted about the impact of workplace fears on women’s careers.

You will hear insights into what High-Heeled Success® can do for your career.

You can view that interview here.


Randi Rico’s interview with Kay!

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Kay was interviewed by Randi Rico of Channel 5, WLWT in Cincinnati, about a workshop that Kay conducted.

See what Kay had to say about that workshop, and learn more about what High-Heeled Success® can do for you!