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Welcome to the High-Heeled Success® Store!


...competency and hard work are not enough for High-Heeled Success®.

Here are tools to develop that “other skill set” to get you where you want to go.

Achieving High-Heeled Success™:
50 Ways for Career-Oriented Women to Succeed

Available as a softcover book

Even in the 21st Century, women face a disadvantage in the workplace.  It’s not just glass ceiling issues, many women struggle with letting go of behaviors that hold back their careers.  Why?  Many of the lessons you learned in childhood are not behaviors that lead to workplace success.  Kay Fittes will show you quick and simple ways to experience career breakthroughs to achieve the success you deserve.

High-Heeled Success!  The Book

Do you...

  • Present with credibility and clout?
  • Take praise and recognition with grace?
  • Handle criticism with a filter?
  • Apologize only when you have done true harm?
  • Self-promote where it counts?
  • Manage unrealistic expectations?

Unless you can respond with a resounding “Yes”, you may be shooting yourself in your high-heeled foot!

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People are talking about Kay Fittes and
Achieving High-Heeled Success™! 

“If you want to step over the competition and propel your career to higher levels than you ever dreamed possible, get this great book.”

- James Malinchak, Featured on the hit ABC Television Show The Secret Millionaire, Contributing Author for the #1 New York Times Best-seller Chicken Soup for the College Soul

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“Kay Fittes is my soul sister; we have so much in common.  She blew me away with her book Achieving High-Heeled Success™: 50 Ways for Career-Oriented Women to Succeed! It’s so important to stand up and speak out and be more direct in the workplace.  If you really want to get ahead she knows what she is talking about.  She has a beautiful vision to change how women achieve goals and how you are in the workplace.  So ladies it is very important for you, your daughters, and your granddaughters.  She is changing lives.  Thank you, Kay for coming out with this message, it’s so important.”

- Kristi Frank from Season #1 of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice

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“I just want to take the time to say you were an incredible inspiration tonight at the eWomen Network event.  Your workshop was unlike any other I’ve ever been to!  Even though it was a brief session, I took in a few key points that really made me excited to dive into the rest of the book.  I appreciate you taking your time to come share your success tips with us.  From now on, I’m going to ‘just do it’!  And say it!  Here is the photo we took, thanks again and God bless!”
“I have just started reading the book today and can already tell these next 50 days are going to transform my confidence, my business and my life!  So grateful for your wisdom.  Thank you again!”

Gratefully yours,

- Dawn Rapp
WorldVentures Representative

Dawn Rapp

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Go Ahead and Laugh:
A Serious Guide to Speaking With Humor

Available as a softcover book and an eBook

Women, do you want to break down barriers and get your audience on your side?  Then make them laugh.  When people laugh they open their minds and hearts to you.  As you are building your speaking skills for High-Heeled Success® don’t forget HUMOR.  But you say, “Kay I’m just not all that funny!”  Don’t worry, revealing humor in your speaking is a skill that you can learn just like I did.

In Go Ahead and Laugh: A Serious Guide to Speaking with Humor, you will join me and 10 other professional speakers as we share some of our best humorous material.  These speeches are then deconstructed, by award winning professional speaker Rich Hopkins, to help you understand step-by-step, simple ways to construct a humorous presentation.

After reading this one of a kind book, you will be able to use:

  • Self-deprecating humor to humanize yourself to your audience
  • The power of the “twist” to keep your audience on the edge of their seat
  • Great over exaggeration and “underwhelm” to keep your listeners rolling in the aisles

Click below to command humor as a tool for your High-Heeled Success® immediately with this book.

Go Ahead and Laugh - eBook Cover

Maybe you just want to de-stress a bit?  Then just read Go Ahead and Laugh for the fun of it.

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Only $9.95
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Panic to Power:
Swift and Simple Speaking Strategies Anyone Can Use

Available as an audio CD

Women, are you grabbing a competitive edge in your workplace with effective public speaking skills?  Business journals repeatedly site polished presentation skills as a necessary tool for advancement.  In fact, it is one of my 6 P’s for High-Heeled Success®.

The Book of Lists cites public speaking as the #1 fear held by people, ahead of snakes, heights, and death.

Panic to Power CD

Order your copy today!
Only $24.95 + $3.00 Shipping
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That was a perfect description of me at one time, too.  Yet, I knew that the inability to speak effectively and put myself into the spotlight would be career crippling.  What did I do?  I developed techniques to overcome my fear and speak my way to success.  What about you?  What can you do to make this leap?  Join me, Kay Fittes, and three World Champions of Public Speaking, Craig Valentine ('99), Ed Tate ('00), and Darren LaCroix ('01) as we show you how to overcome your fear and create confidence, connection, and compelling presentations.

You will learn more than 20 techniques that you can use right away like:

  • How igniting your passion will excite and move your audience
  • Techniques to grab audience attention immediately and remove that glazed over look
  • Keys to building rapport with any audience so they will say, “She’s just like me!”

Once you learn these techniques you will have another High-Heeled tool in your shoebox of tricks! 

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