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Wing Monge

Wing Monge

I initially met Kay Fittes when she was speaking at a conference I attended.  What attracted me was that she focuses specifically on issues for women and empowering women.  Some women are born leaders, some need help, but everyone has potential to better themselves!  Kay really appealed to me.

This coaching experience has benefited me so much.  I now know where I want to go in my career and that I can do more than originally thought.  It’s so easy for me to go back into my shell, because that is where I feel secure, but Kay continues to nudge me out of my comfort zone.  I have evolved from wanting to get out of my comfort zone, to choosing to, to doing it.  At a certain age in her career, a woman knows that she has something to offer and an expertise to share.  It’s for herself, her family and her employer.  This is really about having a purpose and living it.  Kay has shown me how to position that expertise and is my sounding board as to how to craft the delivery of my unique expertise.  I know my presentations are now smooth and professional.  Additionally, it has been challenging for me to find women who support each other, and it is wonderful to be supported and receive resources to lead.

Kay has the knack and personality to connect with people.  When I was seated in the session at the conference where we met, her enthusiasm for elevating women really impacted me – not every coach has that perspective.  I would encourage any woman who is feeling stuck in her career and wondering how to get to the next level to work with Kay Fittes.  Don’t hesitate due to time or money, there are options!  Every woman can be the CEO of her own life and career.

Wing Monge
Certified Food Scientist