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Nancy Van Buskirk

Nancy Van Buskirk

My first exposure to Kay Fittes was when she was the guest speaker at a TBN/H7 event.  Her energy and her business perspective impacted me.  She had solutions that I believed could really get my new business going.  Out of that belief, we started a one-on-one coaching relationship.

It’s been a pleasant and positive experience.  Kay has the ability to put a spotlight on key issues and listen between the words for the complete story.  As a result of our coaching:

  • My confidence level regarding my ability to be a successful business owner has grown.
  • My listening has morphed, enabling me to be in the moment with a client and to think less about what I am going to say next.  Some of these changes I have modeled in how Kay listens to ME.
  • My concerns about being perfect in my business have reduced, allowing me to be myself. It's tough to be successful in conversations with clients when one is stressed and tense.

Coaching, in general, is such a positive thing for anyone!  It helps you understand what makes you tick, who you are, and what stops your dream.  Kay then focuses you on taking that insight into action steps.  As a coach, Kay becomes a valued friend, an inspiration and someone to admire.  She is always there to be the cheerleader every woman needs!

Nancy VanBuskirk
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