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Toye Thomas

Toye Thomas

There’s no comparison to the value received from a coaching experience.  In 2015, I experienced remarkable results working with a life coach and wanted to apply the same experience to learning the public speaking business.  So, I started my search for a public speaking coach.  Kay Fittes was first on my list!  I’d perused her website, watched her videos and read her book, “Achieving High Heeled Success™: 50 Ways for Career-Oriented Women to Succeed”.  However, it would be a year before I would actually reach out to her.  It was a normal weekday afternoon in which I mustered up the courage to submit a coaching request to Kay via her website.  I submitted the request and moved on with my day.  A couple of hours later, my phone rang.  I answered.  To my surprise, it was Kay!  I couldn’t believe it!  You would have thought Oprah Winfrey was on the other line by the way I secretly screamed with excitement.  But, I maintained my composure.  Or, at least I think I did.  Since that initial conversation, she has continued to amaze me with her professionalism, insight, openness and authenticity.

Through our one-on-one discussions she has showed me the importance of knowing the true value of my experience, skills and time.  I discovered that I had been short-selling myself and over-selling everyone else.  I had both the fear of success and the fear of failure to conquer.  Yet, Kay was patient and didn’t give up on me.  She diligently worked to pull me through those ‘stuck’ moments.  Through our self-reflective exercises and calls to action, I am better able to sell my strengths and identify my wants and needs.  Within a short period of time, Kay has coached me through several key business prospects, in which I’ve grown from a small, intimidated woman who felt powerless in declaring her worth to a much more confident, petite, self-described powerhouse.

Little did I know that on that fateful day in which I decided to send a short coaching inquiry to Kay that my life would be changed in the way that it has.  Kay has been much more than a traditional coach.  She has been a role model.  Her willingness to share her own personal experiences is something I’ll never forget because she showed me that I wasn’t alone and that she was right there with me throughout the challenges, the doubts and the overwhelming desire to do something incredible.  Thank you, Kay, for sharing your gifts and talents with me.  I’ll always be grateful for this experience.

Toye Thomas
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Our mission is to empower women of all walks of life, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, through consulting services in workforce readiness, and personal and professional development.  We are “Changing Lives One Choice at a Time.”