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Kelly Sakalas

Kelly Sakals

I first met Kay at a Networking of Executive Women event after I had just moved to the Cincinnati area.  Her workshop was so engaging – I loved the worksheets and breakout questions that allowed me to apply what she was teaching instantly.  At that event, my colleague won one of her books and brought it to the office to share.

I had been struggling at work and considering making some significant life changes, and my colleague left Kay’s book on my desk with a note.  I decided to read one chapter a day and journal her questions each morning before I started my day.  I was hooked and hired Kay for coaching sessions.  Her warm guidance gave me the courage I needed to make the big changes I was craving.

When I sit back and think about the changes I’ve made and the results I’ve achieved in only a few months as a result of her coaching, I almost can’t believe it.

  • I started a new job (which was a promotion in title) and have successfully navigated the “honeymoon phase.”
  • I took control of cognitive distortions to develop stronger relationships with leadership and my peers in my new job, especially with people who intimidate me.
  • I gained self-awareness of my communication style and taken actionable steps to fix verbal and nonverbal cues that have been holding me back.  While I focus on writing and editing communications for other people, I’ve never made myself a priority.
  • I logged daily successes that allow me to promote myself and talk about my accomplishments when it matters.
  • I created my vision statement that pushes, inspires, and motivates me to be exceptional.  It has been especially helpful to me during the COVID-19 crisis and has become a filter to what I say yes or no to.  It allows me to think big and talk about my career-long aspirations and I have used it to help me talk about myself in several formats, including a newsletter and meeting new people.

To other women considering a coaching relationship with Kay, don’t wait.  You’re worth the investment.  Especially during this time of uncertainty, there’s no better time to work on yourself or reinvent yourself.  I only wish I would have started sooner.

Kelly Sakalas
Director of Public Relations and aspirational political leader