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Karen Kirkendol

Karralea List

I was introduced to Kay through a mutual friend.  Our first consultation was extraordinarily helpful in several ways.  Kay’s solid quick insight into business and human nature allowed her to quickly zero in on several areas I needed help with.  One area was my fee schedule.  It was too low and at best, difficult for me to hold to without reducing it.  Kay was crystal clear in her advice to me helping me not to justify my fee anymore.  I have gotten twice the business I previously had due to her advice.

Kay also gave me her book, “Achieving High-Heeled Success™.”  I devoured it, and wish I could buy it for every woman in the world.  I know, sounds over the top, but there are so many little things we do as women to sabotage our potential.  Kay’s easy to follow daily read gives insightful and quick remedies.

I also attended one of Kay’s workshops in the spring.  Many networking opportunities arose from this workshop.  I made one key contact and now friend who has helped make essential connections for our organization.  The information provided by Kay was essential that day, because it literally changed the trajectory of our organization.  I had been focusing on a sub-project, when I should have been focusing on the “Main thing.”  I was able to boil down to the “Main thing,” that day and begin the real project.

In addition, Kay has many great handouts to be utilized after the workshop; I read them all.  One of the last statements on a take-away sheet was, “Be in Command.”  This has become my new mantra.  It has strengthened my confidence to make decisions with full assurance that I am in command.

Whether in a workshop or one-on-one, Kay’s business savvy and kind heart are the perfect recipe for success.

Karin Kirkendol, TH.M, BCPC, CRC
Executive Director
Winfield House