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Sheri Wood

Sheri Wood

I first met Kay when she was a guest speaker at my Toastmaster Club’s first Virtual Open House.  As Vice-President of Public Relations for our club, I was immediately drawn to Kay while working with her to promote our event.  She was professional and quick to respond, yet friendly and enjoyable to interact with.  On the night of our open house, I was impressed while watching how she used her fun, friendly, and energetic personality to draw the audience into her presentation.  As a gift, she offered a free 45-minute telephone consultation to the first twelve people who emailed her after the event, so I sent her a message as soon as possible.

I found myself in tears as I hung up after my first consultation with Kay.  It had been so long since I felt I could really express my fears and concerns about my future to someone who really listened.  I immediately decided that working with Kay as a personal coach to help me explore some type of fun and enjoyable work to pursue in my retirement years was the best thing I could do.

One thing about Kay I quickly discovered was that you always walk away with something actionable after meeting with her.  She often suggests things to think about or explore that have immediate impact.  The most helpful thing Kay has suggested so far was to keep a weekly “Success Journal.”  I was amazed how much more confident I felt about my efforts and accomplishments after a few weeks of implementing this practice.

I’ve looked into personal coaching before but couldn’t find the right fit.  Most coaches want to push you hard towards defined goals, but I wasn’t at that point yet.  I needed someone to help me think through and explore different ideas for a fun, enjoyable, and satisfying career in my retirement.  Kay’s mixture of compassionate listening along with her vast business experience has been the perfect fit for someone like me.  She’s helped me to stop putting off my ideas for tomorrow to a time “when I’m not so busy,” and start taking steps towards my future now.  Instead of drifting like a leaf in a stream and adapting to whatever situation I find myself in, she’s showing me how to take steps to end up where I want to be.

Sheri Wood
Graphic Designer