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Karralea List

Karralea List

I first met Kay at a Biz Women/Business Courier event where she was presenting.  She impressed me by her insightful comments about the challenges for women in business.  It was clear she could provide a lot of direction that I knew I needed.  To hear my concerns voiced out loud was confirming and reinforcing.  Then I attended one of her public workshops and where she offered a complimentary consultation.  At that consultation, on the spot, I said, “Help me!”  Kay has now been coaching me for five months.

It’s like Kay is in my head.  Sometimes coaching is a roller coaster ride but it is always a growing experience.  The best part for me is a new direction.  Now when I go to make a decision, I ask myself, “Is this how Kay would say to do it and is this truly the direction I want to go?”

The results for me have been powerful.

  • Far more organized
  • Making tough decisions and being comfortable with them
  • Truly a work in progress

If anyone is considering coaching with Kay, I would say when you talk she REALLY listens.  My coaching time in always tailored to me, it is not a cookie cutter approach.  She has become a friend I count on.  I had never done anything like this before and initially just wanted to learn how to present more effectively but this has become so much more!

Karralea List
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